The Sub Commissioners

In order to ensure the rapid start of the activities planned for the realization of the temporary moorings and the associated interventions for the protection of Venice and its lagoon, the Special Commissioner has appointed the fore-planned sub-commissioners, one of which with an administrative-accountant profile and one with a technical profile.

Sub-commissioner Cons. Giuseppe Teti

Administrative functions

guidance and coordination activities for all legal and administrative matters;

maintenance and control of special accounting and the administration of financial resources;

coordination of any procedures for the acquisition of areas;

coordination of litigation and preparatory activities for the stipulation of agreements for technical support.

Sub-commissioner Eng. Fabio Russo

Technical functions

management of procedures for the award and carrying out of works, services and supplies, including all stages / activities preparatory to the contract and all stages / activities of contract management comprising variants;

credit lines for the needs and supplies of the commission;

stipulation of related contracts;

identification of the technical support structures of other administrations and / or companies controlled by them;

Last Update

29 June, 2022