March 26, 2022

The MSC Sinfonia, coming from Taranto, docking this morning at 8.00 at the Veneto quay – TIV terminal – of the port of Venice to leave at 16.30 for Cattaro, in Montenegro.

After carrying out bunkering operations and other planned on-board activities, the boarding of passengers began at 10.00.

Before boarding, upon their arrival in Venice – Stazione Marittima – all 960 passengers were subjected to a swab, before continuing on – in another dedicated area inside the Stazione Marittima – the check-in operations by Customs, Border Police, and by the company’s on-board and portual personnel and finally they were taken by transfer to the Veneto quay.


Welcoming the MSC in Marghera were the President of the Port System Authority of the Northern Adriatic Sea and Special Commissioner for Cruises, Fulvio Lino Di Blasio, who wanted to be present to thank all the operators and institutions that have collaborated to ensure that operations were carried out regularly and in total safety.


The management of cruise traffic in Venice – commented the President of PSAoNAS(Port System Authority of the Northern Adriatic Sea) and Special Commissioner for Cruises, Di Blasio is unique in its complexity within the panorama of national and European ports and represents a challenge that requires an important effort on the part of all, the port is responding with a great sense of teamwork and responsibility, despite the difficulties. Cruise companies’ interest in the Venetian port and Veneto ports remains high and days like this give us the strength to continue building a sustainable cruise model. Today’s solution represents a transitory solution: we are in fact well advanced to start operations on the Liguria and Lombardy moorings, where the Commission is finalizing the adaptation works of the existing docks and the construction of marquees for the reception of passengers and the spaces to be dedicated to the representatives of the institutions operating in the port involved in operations connected with passenger traffic”.


The shipping company MSC Cruises had, in fact, requested to be able to use the Veneto quay for some calls to guarantee passengers boarding in Venice pending the availability of other docks, an operation made possible thanks to the work and coordination of all the port institutions involved.


As per the works’ schedule set out by the Special Commissioner for Cruises, in addition to the Terminal of Fusina which contributes to the current accommodation capacity of the Port of Venice, the temporary moorings will also be operational between the end of April and the first days of May (Liguria and Lombardy moorings) identified at the TIV and VECON terminals.

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