The first mooring of Liguria Quay was Inaugurated, in the presence of the Minister of Sustainable Infrastructure and Mobility Enrico Giovannini, the President of the Veneto Region Luca Zaia, the Councilor for Mobility, Road Infrastructures and Viability of the Municipality of Venice, Renato Boraso

April 6, 2022

The Special Commissioner for Cruises in Venice, Fulvio Lino Di Blasio: "The temporary mooring was completed in full compliance with the times indicated as per the time schedule thanks to the joint effort of workers, terminals, port operators and institutions.
We are managing an extraordinarily, unprecedented situation for cruising in the panorama of national and European ports. We will continue to work to ensure a future for the sector through the adoption of a new sustainable model in our port system ".

Venice, 6 April 2022 - The Special Commissioner for Cruises in Venice, Fulvio Lino Di Blasio, inaugurated today, at the Liguria Quay - PSA Vecon Container Terminal - Venice - in Marghera, the first temporary mooring for cruise ships and a related terminal for the reception and management of passengers, provided for by Legislative Decree 103/2021 containing "Urgent measures for the protection of waterways of cultural interest and for the safeguarding of Venice, as well as urgent provisions for the protection of work". The mooring, operational from Saturday 9 April, is ready to welcome an additional 32 cruise ships, only in Vecon, this year - in addition to those already mooring in recent weeks - to those provided for at other moorings.

After welcoming the institutions present, the Special Commissioner for Cruises, Di Blasio, illustrated the intervention on the Liguria quay which, in just over 100 days, involved carrying out civil works, the installation of and functional adaptation of the moorings and yards in the terminal part of “via Banchina dell'Azoto”. The project, with a total value of 1,889,242 euros, mainly focused on the construction of structures for the management of passenger flows, including a tent structure of about 1000 square metres as a temporary passenger station, and spaces to be dedicated to the institutions that operate at the Port of Venice in charge of customs controls, border controls and the company that manages the docking and on the creation of a new entrance to the area intended exclusively for cruise activities. Passenger safety will be guaranteed through the necessary acts relating to safety and security.

“Thanks to the commitment and effort of everyone, from the institutions to the workers working at the port, today we achieve a first important goal - comments Commissioner Di Blasio - we have completed the first of the mooring points on schedule as per the temporary projects foreseen in the Marghera area by the A.O. 103/2021. We will continue to work to ensure a future for the cruise sector, compatibly with the changed regulatory framework and the needs of safeguarding the Lagoon, and to accommodate, as far as possible, the requests of companies that continue to have a strong interest in the Venice destination. We must all be aware that the management of cruise traffic for our port system is unique in terms of complexity in the panorama of national and European ports and that the one illustrated today is a solution which, despite its temporary nature, still offers a sign of great vitality on the part of the port community which, despite the great difficulties, is working to offer a sustainable cruise model”.



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