Liguria quay

Operational: 2022 cruise season

The Liguria quay was identified at the PSA Vecon – Venezia Container Terminal.

Single Procedure Manager:

Ing. Giovanni Terranova, Technical Director of the Port System Authority of the Northern Adriatic Sea

Director of Works:

Eng. Roberto Runfola

Contracting company:

MAC Costruzioni


€ 1.283.581,19

Works completed
Quay available from April 2022


Construction site details

The construction of the temporary mooring for cruise ships and the creation of a functional terminal for the management of the passenger flow involves the execution of both civil works and the installation of systems, to which are added the functional adaptation works of a section of the networks white water and black water sewers in the terminal part of Via Banchina dell'Azoto.

Quay length:

800 metres (of which 360 metres can be used temporarily for cruise ships)

Channel width: 

145 mt

Sea depth:

11,5 mt

Sea side accessibility:

Malamocco canal + Evolution basin n. 3 + West industrial canal

Type of works carried out:

Preparation of areas for the management of passenger and baggage flows (boundaries, checkpoints, storage areas, vehicle and passenger routes)

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30 May, 2022