Lombardy quay

Operational: 2022 cruise season

The Lombardy quay has been identified at the VIT(Venice Intermodal Terminal) Spa Terminal.

Sole Project Manager:

Ing. Giovanni Terranova, Technical Director of the Port System Authority of the Northern Adriatic Sea

Director of Works:

Eng. Francesco Cazzagon

Contracting company:

Research Consortium - Consortium member Ferrari Ing. Ferruccio srl carrying out the works


€ 2.284.289,40

Works completed
Mooring available from May 2022


Construction site details

The construction of a temporary mooring for cruise ships and the creation of a functional terminal for the management of passenger flow, involves carrying out both, civil works and the installation of systems, to which are added the functional adaptation works of a section of the networks white and black water sewers in the terminal, part of Via Banchina dell'Azoto.

Quay length:

570 metres (of which 360 metres can be temporarily used for cruise ships)

Basin width: 

165 mt

Sea depth:

11,5 mt

Sea side accessibility:

Malamocco canal + Evolution basin n. 2 + Dock Pier B

Type of works carried out:

Construction works to adapt the areas (new sewerage, demolition, flooring, new bollards, new fenders), preparation of areas for the management of passenger and baggage flows (boundaries, control stations, storage areas, vehicle and passenger routes)

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30 May, 2022