Chioggia Quay, Isola Saloni

Operational: 2022 cruise season

Chioggia Quay, Isola Saloni


Quay details

Quay length:

External Lombardy Canal - Berths C1-C2-C3: 250m

Characteristics of arriving ships (tonnage, length, draft, number of passengers):

25774 tons - 228.2m x 31.4m

draft 6.45m - n. Passengers, max. 954

crew 499

Draft by order:

PA ordinance no.35 / 2015 External Lombardy Canal - C1-C2-C3 approaches: - 7.00 m s.l.m.m

Ground areas:

area used by VTP for the first ship arrivals equal to 7900 square metres

Terminal features:

Building 902 (Passenger station): 2 floors of approximately 1840sqm

Building 900 (disused warehouse, currently in the process of having asbestos removed): 2200sqm. Luggage storage and shelter for operational vehicles

Other Landings

Last Update

12 September, 2022